Divers Reef Karachi (DRK) invites you to

spend a thrilling, fun and excitement filled

 day with us and know what a true open sea adventure is all about.

 Seeing is believing, so come and explore the beautiful aquatic life of Karachi at a totally different level.

View the versatility of the marine life and cherish these moments with your friends, family and acquaintances.



We will provide you the following:

Breakfast & Lunch(Served Hot)                                    Local Boat Ride   

          Snorkeling Instructions                                      Snorkeling Gear  

       Underwater Photography                          Life Jackets (For Safety)                                                  Point-to-point Transportation

 Weekend Package: Rs. 3500 / person*

Weekday Package: Rs. 3000 /  person*

* – Bookings are based on first come first serve basis and confirmation is given against full advance payment.

* – Students can avail 13.5% discount on weekend package. Student discount is not applicable on weekdays.

* – Student discount is only applicable to those pursuing an undergrad degree or equivalent or below

and also must be 25 years of age or below. Student discount does not apply to international students.


 For bookings e-mail now on

For More information call or sms now on 0334-3322573/0343-2180596/ 0313-2135782

Divers Reef Karachi (DRK) reserves the right to change or modify the terms, conditions & Prices without prior notice.