Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

(+/-) How will we go?

Transportation is included in the package. You have to assemble at one point along with your group. Our transporters will pick & drop you or your group at the same point. Assembly point will decided by the DRK officials.

(+/-) Who are we?

We are three friends who take groups of people for Snorkeling and adventurous activities.

(+/-) What do we do?

We are service providers of entertainment sports.

(+/-) What is our experience?

We are experienced snorkelers and skin divers. Moreover, we are also certified in Basic Life support & PADI Open water.

(+/-) Is it safe?

Yes, Snorkeling & water sports is like any other sports that we play. You just need to follow some basic instructions that we give and all goes good!

(+/-) What do we do to ensure your safety?

We give life jackets.
We tie a rope from the boat to the Island you just have to pull the rope to get close to the Island.
We give safety briefing.
We stay with you at all times to insure you are having a good and safe time with us.

(+/-) Do you have to be able to swim?

One needs to be easy going with water in order to do snorkeling or water sports. However, swimming skills are not a requirement for snorkeling or water sports.

(+/-) What age can go snorkeling?

One needs to be at least 10 years old to be eligible to go snorkeling or water sports with us.