Swimming is my sport and I have  a profound love towards the sea. I always wanted to join the Navy particularly because of its connection with the sea, I couldn’t join the navy but here I am today the part owner of Divers Reef Karachi. I have an undergraduate degree from Iqra University, Karachi  in Business administration and I am also currently employed at Iqra University in the department of Sports & Events. By the grace of Allah, I have also managed to become a certified open water diver.

“He has excellent skin diving skills. The most wonderful thing about Farhan is that he can calm you down and make your adventure quite comforting. He gives special attention to his nervous customers with a professional attitude. He is a national swimmer and has represented HEC (Higher Education Commission) in tournaments. Mr. Herekar has profound love with water sports and has the basic training in FIRST AID RESPONSE. Safety of the customers is his top priority. During operations, I have also seen him rescue other people besides his own customers. To conclude, he is a brilliant athlete who puts in energy at the right time and at the right place.”

Doctor at Indus Hospital, Fizvia.


I have an undergraduate degree from IQRA University and I am the part owner of Divers Reef Karachi. I am also currently employed as a Business Development Manager at a renowned packaging company and was the swimming Sindh open champion for six consecutive years. Developed passion for the with DRK and eventually became a certified open water diver.

“He is purely a rugged individual and has immense amount of experience with the wild. He believes that it is not only the skill that makes you impressive; but it is your fearlessness. He is a versatile individual, a great athlete & an energetic skin diver. Moreover, he has the aura of delighting customers very well which usually leads to appreciative feedbacks. Just so that you guys know, this guy is an excellent cliff diver and he is the guy who has been thrilling you during the entire last season. Those who have seen his cliff dives must know what I am talking about because seeing is believing! If you’re running short of energy then you may borrow it from this guy!”



Well I am a person who will help anyone anywhere and at anytime. If I am unable to do so, I apologize in any case. I like to go on adventures be it Camping, off-roading, hiking, Trekking, Snorkeling, Cycling, Etc. I am a sports man & I have been playing Badminton, Squash, and Table Tennis all my teenage life.

“Khizar Rashid a.k.a Trouble shooter is currently pursuing an undergrad degree from IQRA university and is the part owner of Divers Reef Karachi. From a spider on the boat to a sea storm, this guy has a contingent plan for everything. Sometimes, we believe that he can make a house out of a match stick box in case he loses shelter because his trouble shooting skills are so unique that we are thankful at times. He is also a great athlete and highly experienced in trekking, off-roading & camping. This probably explains how he has managed to polish his trouble shooting skills. He is a disciplined man who likes to play it by the book unless he comes across a missing where he is forced to bend his principles. In the end, he is a good skin diver and has poured in wonderful memories for DIVERS REEF KARACHI.”

Junaid Rahim, Part owner of Divers Reef Karachi.